[QUOTE=hdeyong;1495929]I quit reading newspapers about 15 years ago, because I was tired of the constant political slants. If there were a newspaper that just gave me the facts, unbiased, and left me to interpret it in my own way, instead of colouring everything THEIR way, I'd buy it. But they don't seem to exist. QUOTE]

I don't think there's ever been a newspaper that does not have a particular political bias. In countries that have a free press it is the right of a proprietor, who after all owns the bloody paper, to dictate the editorial stance of the publication on any topic whatsoever. Those who don't like it should buy a paper with a different stance or do as you have done and buy none.

On the original topic, photography bears about as much responsibility for declining newspaper standards as it does for similarly declining standards on television and radio. All media is about sales and ratings in a society where instant gratification is paramount and reading is losing its place as a treasured skill. Newspaper sales are most easily achieved by running sensational, poorly researched and written yarns involving celebrities, people behaving badly, human tragedy, shocking crime etc etc. The press photographers largely only go where they are told to go and you can only do so much when you are given next to nothing to work with. OzJohn