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The 6x6 format is evolutionary baggage from the beginning of the TLR days when it was typically cropped to 6x4.5. Not that it can't be compositionally useful, but the 6x7 format is more flexible.
And requires a lot bigger camera.

There's something to be said for square. It's big enough, especially with today's films, to crop at will to a rectangle without having to rotate the camera or the back, essential for TLRs and handy for MF SLRs with waist level finders. The trade off is wasting a bit of film compared to a 645 camera. Of course I have some images I composed and shot square and like that way, but you can just as easily crop the 6x7 back to 6x6 when you want square.

I have both 6x6 and 6x4.5 cameras (TLR and SLR respectively.) I will happily use either handheld. Having handled an RB, while you CAN shoot some with it handheld, it's just not a practical walking around camera. If you want that in 6x7 get a Pentax or a Mamiya 7 (and be prepared to pay for the latter.) Or possibly one of the Fuji RFs if interchangeable lenses are not a must. The Pentax is more workable handheld than the RB but you give up interchangeable backs and the rotating back, and it's still bigger and heavier than the Hassleblad.

I come right back to what I said before - if one is ONLY going to use it on a tripod, get the RB. If it's going to be used handheld, even occasionally and especially while moving from place to place like walking down the street or around at an event, get the Hassleblad (or something else, but not an RB.)