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Take a look at his flare graph. He starts it at 0.10 over Fb+f and has the amount of flare based from that point, when it is actually based off a stop below. A flare factor of 2 will not double the exposure at 0.10. His exposure testing also uses Zones and stopping down 4 stops.

What about the technique of shooting a step tablet with a camera, whether it is inside like with Shaffer's method or outside like WBM? The camera is the exposing device and the exposure meter determines the exposure. Wouldn't it be beneficial to understand what the film plane exposure should be (Hg)?

Let's say we are testing a 125 speed film. What should the exposure be at the speed point? What should the exposure be at the metered exposure point? What is the difference between the speed point constant and the exposure constant?
Stephen, for the speed point we know the exposure should be Hm in S=0.8/Hm when the ISO conditions are satisfied. Determing Hm is what I find tricky. Simplifying without ISO requirements, even when just targetting an arbitrary fixed density speed point with a step tablet test (in camera, out of camera, whatever), I find it somewhat less than straight forward.