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Stephen, for the speed point we know the exposure should be Hm in S=0.8/Hm when the ISO conditions are satisfied. Determing Hm is what I find tricky. Simplifying without ISO requirements, even when just targetting an arbitrary fixed density speed point with a step tablet test (in camera, out of camera, whatever), I find it somewhat less than straight forward.
I'm speaking more theoretically. Under the ISO conditions, what should Hm be if the film speed was 125? What would the metered exposure point be? And what is the difference between the two?

This isn't as hard or overly technical as some are suggesting, and by understanding a few basic rules of exposure, it's possible to evaluate the validity of a test method like Schaffer's or WBM. To start with, what are the exposure instructions for the WBM method? It's a simple job of comparing the expected results with the two known exposure points in the above question.