I absolutely love it, too.
- it is so relaxing; I have to work at the computer in my job several ours each day, therefore my darkroom is like holidays from my job
- because I have made my pictures 'with my own hands' I have a very close and emotional relationship to the prints I've made in my darkroom
- I can get outstanding quality
- we've tested all imaging chains in our test lab: Optical printing with APO enlarging lenses, slide projection, hybrid workflow with the best drum scanners.
You get the best detail rendition and highest resolution with both optical printing (classic wet darkroom) and slide projection; scanning with the best drum scanners deliver significantly worse results. So the optical, classic imaging chain (printing and projection) is still the benchmark and unsurpassed in film land.

Optical printing in my darkroom is my preferred method for 'middle' enlargements.
For really big enlargements ( 1 meter x 1,5 meter, 1,5 x 1,5 m, 2 x 2m ) I go for slide projection (BW and colour). It is by far the best method for big enlargements, because of its unsurpassed quality and the extremely low costs (well a 2 x 2m picture cost me less than one Euro in projection).

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