no aperture or shutter speed controls
So, given the films of the same era as the camera, you should go for fairly slow film, but with good exposure latitude. Bottom line: Pan F: no; Plus-X, FP4: yes; TMX, Delta100: maybe. If you can't or don't want to process your own b/w, your options are:
- b/w: Kodak BW 400CN, or Ilford XP2 400; both can be developed at any minilab as if they were color print films; but, starting with an ISO 400 film, even with large latitude, is maybe pushing the limits
- color: fuji superia 200, if you can find it in 120, or kodak portra 160, if you don't mind the slightly higher price. Or any color negative expired film (not on ebay, where it' sold for more than fresh film!!)
Slide film is a no-no.
With 100-200 ISO film, b/w or color, you should be able to take usable pictures in daytime, sunny to overcast weather. Shoot one film, take notes.