So you have hooked up water to the water inlet?

There is an aperture plate at the spot where the about 5/8 hose might be adapted to a larger more standard garden hose that might be plugged with sediment.

There is no recirculation pump from the reservoir tank like in the main processor. An extermal water connection on the back brings in fresh water, speced to be about 1-2l/minute, which is quite a low flow. Overflow drain takes water way on the back.

The hose on the front is to drain the tank, like on the main machine.

I think ithe spray bar comes off with a stainless steel clip on one end and fitting to a rubber coupling on the other. Mine has never needed attantion, so I am not sure if it is exactly the same as the spray bars in the main machine.

The spray bar from my memory is much like the spray bar on the main machine.

The little holes can become fouled. I had to make up an glorified big pipe cleaner type affair with a sacrificed steel coat hanger and dish rag to clean the depositted tar on the inside of my developer tank spray arm when I first got my used machine. Then I keep a little wire to poke through from time to time as thye foul on the odd cruddie.

Three pin din connectior terminated cable hooks the w/d to the main processor. Paper feed sensors tell the w/d to fire up the heater. No automated water shut off at all.

In mine the old capacitors on the control board dried out with age, and the heater would turn on for far to long. New caps soldered in,and all is happy again. Take care -one is a bi-polar that is in the hysterisis control section

Good luck.