Thanks. I'm replying to several people at once. I figured slide film would be a no-no. First roll will probably be Ektar 100 since that's what the local camera shop has on hand fairly cheaply. Probably will order some Portra 400 from B&H with my next film order. I've been wanting to shoot square pictures for a while, and since 126 isn't an option for me, 6cm x 6cm will work. Might even have some scans sent to Dwayne's to put on 35mm slide for projection, just because I can.

That's cool that this camera used to be sold as the official Cub Scout camera. Will have to share that with the other leaders in my son's Boy Scout troop. They'll probably get a kick out of it.

Will probably respool at least some 120 over to 620 rolls, as I'm considering building a 120 pinhole camera, and need at least 1 spool for a take-up spool for that.

Thanks again, this looks to be a fun camera, even though it has only one aperture and shutter speed! It also came with a flash that takes flashbulbs, so may have to source some flashbulbs for it too, just because I can.