I ran a roll of 400iso Agfa Vista quickly through my Kiev IIa with my new Opton Sonnar 1.5. It looks like there's some focus shift. All of these photos were taken with the lens wide open. The one where the focus is on the "to-do" sign, the lens was actually focused on the gentleman behind it.

The photo of the man in his office was focused on him. The photo of the woman was focused on her ... it seems like the closer I am to the subject, the less noticeable the focus shift.

Is there any rule I can go by to adjust for focus shift, or is there some modification i can make? i.e. get it re-collimated or lean forward a certain amount?

I've used this camera/rangefinder with other lenses and am pretty confident in the rangefinder calibration.

Please forgive the crude scans ...

Any advice is appreciated.