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Then they will know you are a real stalker.

Why ask strangers, why not start with friends?
You could tell them you would email them a copy, send a lower-resolution picture (4x6) with a note explaining why it is lower-resolution and if they would like a larger-print, you would be happy to mail them one if they give you an address or meet you at a common location if you have time. For me, there is a big difference between an 8x10 print and a digital file which is 8x10 sized, if nothing else than most people have no talent at copying prints. Note that money is never raised in this situation, I don't charge them for their own picture. The couple of people who wanted a high-resolution shot emailed to them, I told them that I would trade them a high-resolution shot for a signed model release.

Good point about the exotic camera though - setting up a 5x7 in the middle of a farmer's market gave me a lot of interesting subjects, as did using a TLR (people thought it was a digital 3-D camera).