(Also posted in rangefinder forum)

I recently got a barely-used GF670 (bought new in January). I love it, but it may have a focus issue. Here's the story:

To check the rangefinder's accuracy, I focused on a single point from multiple distances, starting about 12 meters away and working my way to about 1 meter. I aligned the rangefinder image as carefully as possible each time, of course. Shot everything at f/3.5. Well, the first half of the shots are a bit soft where I focused and sharp about 3-4 meters behind; very disappointing. But the second half are sharp where I focused. Is it possible that the rangefinder could be accurate at close distances but off at farther distances? Or, if it's accurate at any distances, is it necessarily accurate at all distances? I'm not sure if I missed focus, or if there's a problem.

After seeing those first test results, I shot the same test again, at f/4. Focusing very carefully again. And -- same results. Which makes me think there's an issue with the camera.

If that's the case, is this a repair any decent repair place can do? (I live in L.A.) Or does it need to go to fuji?