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It's a 90mm so considering that I can even get it mounted on a lens board, I should theoretically have enough room to play if using it for 6x6, right?
I use an 80mm for 6x6. A 90mm will cover 6x6 fine. Matt is right 90mm are a lot rarer.

You should read a section out of Ctein's book Post Exposure 2nd edition. It is currently a free PDF. Don't let "free" fool you. It's a good book.

You should read the section starting on page 77 of the book (89 in my PDF). It is called "The best enlarging lenses in the world." It is not about unattainable $3,000 lenses. Well he does mention one or two of those. He talks about a bunch of stuff that can be acquired for less than $100 and sometimes less than $50.

Then we contacted every maker of top-notch enlarging lenses andrequested samples. I spent 6 months testing 90 lenses with 70 different designs in search of the answer to the main question: What are the absolute best enlarging lenses for 35mm, 120, and 4 x 5
Makes you curious doesn't it?

I know you said these prints aren't for a gallery but considering the cost of paper it makes no sense to print a bunch of stuff now and then upgrade your lens later and print it again.