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my m4 has camerleather on it and it took me a while to realize it -- but as to type, shouldn't your daughter make that decision? Maybe a nice snakeskin or something fashionable.

or just leave it looking battered and tell her to tell folks that it survived the Vietnam War...
If there were Nikon F3 cameras in the Vietnam war, it went on a lot longer that I thought. (heh, heh) But I get your point, I've always liked the look of the well used camera. Then again, a 16 year old might not see it that way. How about going to a hardware store, home supply store, or even a Walmart. There are lots of cool colors and types of duck (duct?) tape that would be cheap and easy to apply. (how about pink?) Tape the camera good, use single edge razor blade or exacto blade to trim at the metal edges. Also, I don't think that the replacement leather kits supply the smooth rubber grip on the right front of the body, that your camera seems to be missing also. Check first. I bought a replacement leather kit for my Contax 139 and it was easy to install, but a pain to prep the camera body. All old glue/leatherette has to come off completely.
Good luck with your project, and I hope your daughter has fun with this camera, they're great!