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I just scored an El Nikkor 50mm f/4, an El Omegar 75mm f/3.5, and a Wollensak Raptar 90mm f/4.5 ...
Is it a PRO Raptar or just the Raptar, as described above?

My understanding is that the PRO Raptar is a different design and better corrected with more elements. I have the 90/4.5 PRO Raptar, but not the normal one, so I can't really compare them but unfortunately I don't even have the retaining ring for the PRO Raptar so I haven't been able to test it either. Damn. Maybe if I didn't waste so much time on forums I'd have had it done by now. There's an idea!

I suspect the 90/4.5 Raptar is only mediocre but that's NOT based on personal experience so take it for whatever its worth. If you can find a temporary way to mount the Raptar then you can really just test it yourself, but I wouldn't spend too much money or effort on it. If you have the retaining ring then that's half the battle.

By the way, the 50/4 is commonly used as a macro and doesn't need to be reverse mounted for high magnifications, due to it's symmetrical design.