I don't believe Zeiss-Opton ever built its lenses for Nikon rangefinders. If someone knows something different on that front, let me know.

I know all the hubbub about the Ukranians and quality. I believe it got gradually worse but this Kiev IIa is a fine camera that's comparable in construction and operation to my Contax IIa ... it's just that my Contax is getting CLA'd at the moment.

I ran another roll through this afternoon, in daylight rather than indoors. Focusing was better but Walgreens messed up the neg scans so I'm rescanning myself. Will post when through.

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is the opton made for a nikon or contax mount? There is a slight difference, which doesn't matter much for 35mm and wider, but with 50 and up does make a difference of focus shift.

You can find a full discussion here...http://www.cameraquest.com/NRF-Contax.htm

and keep in mind that the Kiev was made by Ukranians using the Soviet system of "Quality is Job 2!"