Hi everyone,
Thank you for all the replies. Some interesting comments.

1) I thought about letting my daughter decide on the type of covering, but wasn't sure yet. Maybe I'll keep it a surprise for now? And what if she doesn't like the camera after all? I won't go out shooting with an all pink F3. But oke, I'll get her opinion first.

2) I saw the site of aki-asahi.com . They seem to offer 15 different prints/colors for the Nikon F3 but I can't see on the site what the look like? This is the link to the Nikon F3 page: http://aki-asahi.com/store/html/Nikon-F3/index.php . I've sent them an email inquiring about this.
The site of www.cameraleather.com was much better with its info, but if they're not shipping anymore ...

3) Is ther anyone who had good contacts & dealings with www.cameraleather.com recently?

4) I didn't realize it at first, but the rubber grip is missing. They used extra thick tape to mimic it. Anyone got any ideas how to fix this? Has anyone a spare lying around? Or should I leave it out? The grip itself is formed on the camera body, the rubber grip is only a layer of rubber (it seems?).
At www.cameraleather.com they offered a kit wrapping all around the rubber grip (loosing the red stripe):
Owners of the F3 have the option of replacing the rubber grip and red stripe with a single strip of leather. Those who have made the change love the way it looks. Nikon_F3_no_grip_red_stripe_rubber-cover.jpg
Your kit can also be cut like the factory covering, leaving the rubber grip section alone.
This would be a solution but aki-asahi.com doesn't seem to have this option.

Here are some images from the sites about not including the rubber grip: