Fuji's prices will drop after a while, if they want to sell the stuff. Kodak announces a price increase every once in a while and the price goes up a for bit and then comes down again at retail. Lately, I get most of my film through Amazon. At the last increase, Ektar went up to $6-something a roll for 35mm. Now it's $4.99 again. (120 is $22.49 or something like that.) I just got a few rolls last week and the stuff is fresh with 2015 expiration dates. So it isn't like Amazon is discounting to get rid of it. Portra 35mm has gone through the roof, but by pennies at a time it is slowly coming down. Same with BW400, which I guess somebody uses. Reala in 120 is much more expensive than Portra. 120 superia is just a bit less than Portra and more than Ektar. So who's gonna buy the Fuji unless you really, really like it. Velvia is a different matter, of course, but it'll just spoil on the shelves so eventually the price pressure will move the pricing.