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This is such a weird forum. People seem fixated at picking apart comments, rather than focusing (I like how that fit in. Feel free to pick on it) on the topic at hand. It's like people are lurking to pounce on the least little thing. Not a fun site at all. But then, I had thought it was a photography site, not an opinion site. My mistake.
momus, you said you never used the camera and then through some convoluted logic declared that is must have a "killer lens." I actually went out and purchased the camera and you still contradicted me. I chose to ignore it not because I want this to be a "fun" place but because it was such an absurd situation. Don't think just because people are silent what you said makes any sense. Internet forums are a place where people exchange information. "Fun" is something you do on a play ground. I don't think we should sacrifice the integrity of the information just to make the place "fun."