i haven't read through these threads talking about the numbers and process for participating in the exchange. after my first round i've always gone with the max and enjoyed making and sending my images, and "discovering" what showed up in the post box!

it cost me maybe ~$35 in postage, plus paper, chemicals and darkroom time! i certainly come out on top with the wonderful images that show up - real treasures.

i've never counted what i've received each round. i imagine there is a number beyond which it will not be feasible to produce and send. i don't know what that is, but time availability is the governing factor. Some rounds have been easier in this regard than others.

i do know the pleasure i get and would be happy to send more out based upon the joy i get in seeing the cards show up - no return card necessary.

george, thank you again for running this... and to each of you for participating.