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there aren't a lot of variables ... they are all good performers if stopped down maybe 4-5 stops.
I wouldn't do that with good enlarger lenses. I believe something like the Nikkor 50mm 2.8 N is sharpest at f/4-f/5.6.

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to be honest a lot of lenses that people hold grudges against and suggest are crap lenses are just fine.
I don't think anyone in this thread has a "grudge" against any enlarger lens. To be honest with you my enlarger lens was the one piece of equipment I gave very little thought to. That's the whole point of most of the responses in this thread. They are so cheap why even think about it? My first box of paper cost more than my "premium" mint 50mm lens. I agree with the people that say he should just try it out. Everyone's standards are different. You are simply not going to get a large enough sample of opinions for such a rare piece of equipment to formulate a meaningful answer.

Another issue with trying out the lens is you need some kind of gold standard to compare it to. I scanned for a long time before I set up a darkroom and started printing. I regret that. A lot of negatives that looked fine scanned were too contrasty when it came to enlarging. They are not unprintable but a simple tweak of my processing routine would have corrected everything. I would just hate to see someone spend years printing and realize after all that time they wished they had spent $30 extra dollars and gotten a late model mint lens. That's all I'm saying.