I already dropped Fuji ACROS. I used to buy it ten 120 rolls at a time when it was under $3 a roll. Now I use Kodak. I always felt bad using Japanese film while an American photo company struggled but when you are saving over a $1 a roll the price difference can't be ignored. Fuji has some guts thinking I'll buy their film over Kodak's just to save a few pennies.

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I know, a normally stupid question, but with the yen now in virtual free fall, is it possible that Fujifilm's film might get a bit cheaper? On Friday the yen fell agains the dollar down to 101 yen per $1! That's amazing. I was just in Japan a few months ago and it was 90 yen to the dollar.

If the yen keeps dropping, might we see some film price relief from Japan?
So the yen depreciated by about 10%. Well the price of ACROS is up almost 33%. For ACROS prices to return to where they were a year ago it would take currency manipulation on a scale that would have American nativists screaming bloody murder.