Hello all,

I recently got round to selling on ebay some 220 film that I had sitting in my freezer (inside a plastic bag) doing nothing. On one of the rolls, the foil wrapping had a slight tear where you open it. I admit I failed to mention this as, to my knowledge, this would in no way effect the performance of the film. Besides which there was no damage to the actual film.

Here's the listing, for what it's worth: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2811008174...84.m1561.l2649

This film was part of a load of rolls that a photographer friend sold me, amongst which were a couple of rolls of 120 in no foil wrapping. Having used those rolls, I can safely say I never had a problem.

Also worth noting, I recently sold 6 other rolls of 220, two of which had no foil wrapping (which you could see in the picture).

Anyway, I'm now getting hassle off the buyer who says that because of the tear the film has been exposed to the elements and is thus unsafe to use. My question is, if he opens a dispute with ebay and tries to get his money back (which is where I can see it heading), will I have a leg to stand on? It's only 10 but still, I think he's being pedantic and I wanted to know from fellow photogs if I'm right or not with regards to the wrapping.