Folding Camera Lenses with Shutters

75mm Adoxar: $37.50
105mm Industar (from a Moskva 5): $65
Agfa Ansco f/6.3 Viking Anastigmat: $24.50

I NEED TO CLEAR THESE LENSES OUT. So if you wish to make an offer, do it!

Please Note: I wait for PayPal to clear to my bank account before shipping, which takes about 3 days. Then I'll email you with delivery confirmation number (Priority Mail).

75mm Adoxar: Coated glass has a little bloom, needs thorough and careful cleaning. Focus and aperture run smoothly, shutter speed ring a little tight but not bad. Vario shutter with speeds of B, 25, 50, 200. Has retaining ring. Two-step (cock then fire) shutter.

Agfa Ansco f/6.3 Viking Anastigmat: Unknown focal length, but seems to be 80-90mm. Pretty clean, focus and aperture setting smooth, stops from 6.3 to 32, "press" shutter speeds T, B, 25, 50, 100 (doesn't need cocking). Glass is uncoated, a little bit of bloom, could use cleaning especially around the edges. Has retaining ring.


105mm Industar from a Moskva 5: Coated glass is beautiful, just a little dust. Moment 24C shutter works well at all speeds, which are B, 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250. All adjustments including focus work smoothly. This lens is lightly used. If you've got a Moskva 5 that needs better optics, this is your chance.