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You could offer to refund the shipping.

But seriously, consider your reputation. It's more important than money. Especially small amounts of money.

I personally wouldn't have complained about it, I'd use the film. But like I said, if any of my stock of film were unsealed, I would worry about how good it is.
I've sent him a message. Told him that if he'd like a refund then he can send me the film back in the same condition I sent it to him. He's yet to reply so we'll see. Like i said, I'm confident the film is absolutely fine. It was only a week previous that I sold 6 other films, 2 of which were not in the foil wrapper with no complaints. And I could see his point almost if we were talking about a massive tear, but it wasn't torn more than a couple of mm.

Anyway, we'll see what he thinks to my offer.