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I think you are making too much out of it. It is only 5 pounds for the one roll of film. Is 5 pounds so dear that so much of a fuss needs to be raised? Just asking...

The risk (whether you are right or wrong about the film being OK) is being full transferred to the buyer; what's so fair about that?

I don't understand why you don't want to act like a responsible seller.
Because the buyer is being unnecessarily arsey about it after I explained why I didn't mention the tear. I came on here asking a genuine question as to whether or not the foil wrapper being torn would in any way effect the performance of the film and I'm getting hassle over my ethics as a seller (which I do on ebay about once in a blue moon, btw).

No, 5/10 is not a massive amount of money but I got the feeling the buyer was either nit picking or, in the case of so many other ebayers, had spotted the tear and saw an opportunity to mess me about.

I've admitted to him I should have mentioned the tear but explained why I didn't. I wasn't trying to mess him about, I wasn't trying to stiff him. It's 10 for pities sake, but if someone tries messing me about I'm not going to take it lightly. I've messaged him offering him a refund if he wishes to send me the film back (I'd have to be a complete idiot to offer a refund with no goods in return, 10 or not). How am I possibly 'making too much out of it'? All i wanted to know was if the wrapper being torn would damage the film.