Process (Graphic Arts) Lenses in Barrels

THREE ILEX 15" (375mm) f/9:
#1859 -- $85
#1755 -- $65
#1891 -- $45

Goerz Opt. Co./Kenro 8-1/4" (210mm) Graphic Dagor -- $65

I NEED TO CLEAR THESE LENSES OUT. So if you wish to make an offer, do it!

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These lenses are great for either enlarging or shooting on the camera. Back in the day they were built to far tighter specs than view camera or enlarging lenses for the printing trades, are apochromatic, and hold their own today.

I'm just picturing one of the Ilex 15" lenses; they all look the same. The condition of the coated glass is the only difference. Ilex lenses were an industry standard in US print and graphics shops back in the day and they're brilliant performers. The 15" covers 8x10 with lots of movements. f/stops from f/9 to f/64, all apertures are smooth functioning, and the flange/retaining ring is built onto the barrel so it'll never get lost. Needs about 1-7/8" (48mm or so) hole for mounting on board.

#1755 has pretty nice glass with a few cleaning marks on the front element and a little bit of mottling of the coating, probably from airborne chemicals in the print shop environment. All in all, a very nice shooter.

#1891 has lots of tiny micro-cleaning marks on the front element but great coating. Rear element is pretty nice. Use a lens shade or dark slide to shade the lens when shooting and it'll perform well. It's a good deal for the price.

#1859 has really nice glass with just a few cleaning marks on the front element and hardly any coating flaws. Rear element is really nice.

The Goerz Optical Co. made this process Dagor for Kenro to mount on their process/graphic arts cameras. It's coated, smooth working aperture, and has marked apertures from f/6.8 to f/45. The glass is in pretty nice shape with the exception of a fine scratch on the rear element about 4mm in from the edge, about 4mm long, running roughly parallel with the edge of the glass, which overall is about 30mm in diameter. It should cover about as much as, maybe a little bit less than, a regular Dagor, with a bit more contrast because of the coating.