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To give you some answer to your question about what to do... and at least add a little value, and let you know we have your side...

Just checked some advice from UK eBay site forums, people generally 1) Require returned goods at buyer's expense 2) Good sellers pay the return shipping 3) You can waive the return requirement if you want to 4) After it's returned to you and you have it, refund only via the Paypal transaction they paid by.
Thanks Bill, that's much appreciated. Still no reply as of yet. Very nice of Brian, too The film I got, that this was part of, was given to me by a former tutor at uni. I'd have done the same for a fellow photog but none of my photog friends use film (crazy souls that they are). I never even thought of coming on here and offering it up. I'll bear it in mind for the future though!