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Two weeks ago I bought a hub cap on ebay and was sent the wrong one.All the seller had to do was tell me to send it back to receive the right one(ie the one I originally ordered).He wouldn't reply to my emails.I took it to the resolution center and was given my original payment back-even though I still have the wrong hubcap.Now the buyer is two hubcaps out of pocket.Lesson-it pays to deal with customers directly.You might just lose the film and your payment if you don't try to resolve the problem yourself.
Which is what I have done.

As an aside note, as part of some other stuff I was selling on ebay was a very old Gnome enlarger. Can't remember how long I've had it or how much I paid for it but it's been gathering dust in my garage for ages. Gave it a clean and put it on ebay, stated local pickup ony due to size. Sold for a whopping 1! Tbh I just wanted rid so couldn't care less how much it went for. BUT the buyer, despite paying already via paypal, has never responded to my messages asking when they want to come and collect it. So I've still got this enlarger and am 1 up! My guess is either the petrol cost wasn't worth it or they took pity on me because it wasn't selling until they bid

Having just looked where the buyer is from, i'm inclined to think it's the former. I'm in Doncaster and she's in Kent! More than a 3 hour drive for a 1 item. Bonkers!