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TLR's are not for everyone they are big, clunky and slow to use. Then there is the cost of film for only 12 exposures. I have several Yashicas, a Mamiya C33 with 3 lenses and a Seagull. For most of the time they sit on the shelf. I find them useful for only certain subjects. I would suggest first borrowing one to see if this format suits you.
Big, clunky and slow???

None of those words describe my Yashica for me. It is not big, it is not clunky. Slow is relative and a matter of perception. It isn't as fast as using my 35mm SLRs or my 645 Pro, true enough, but it's plenty quick to use. I typically walk around and take meter readings with my handheld meter as I move to different light and set it on the dials, so I'm ready to go. It's almost as fast as the SLRs this way, while being far smaller, lighter, quieter and less obtrusive than the 645 Pro, with far better negative quality than 35mm. I like the 12 shots too. With 35mm I often have the same roll in the camera for weeks, sometimes months. Thirty six is just too darned many. 12-15 are just right for most subjects for me.