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As they say, opinions are like arse holes, everyone has one and every one else's stinks.

There's a difference between an 'opinion' and an actual test comparison in controlled conditions. Such comparisons are very useful and are really all we've got aside from our own personal experience. If find comparisons, rather than objective tests (even with their graphs, facts and figures), to be far more useful however there will always be an element of sample variation to factor into any findings.
someone else's comparisons, their studies in controlled conditions &c &c don't really matter because in the end
it is the person who makes the photograph and who uses the lens that makes the decisions what lens to use.
just like it is their decision to use a vintage uncoated lens or lo-fi camera when so much "better" equipment is out there.

it is just like iso/asa ...
in controlled lab conditions with a specific developer &c iso is determined ..
one never has those exact conditions in "real life" that is why one should do his/her own tests
to determine what iso/asa sHe needs to expose his/her film ...

all the lab experiments and controlled tests in the world won't tell me much, other than in xyz conditions this is what abc lens ( or film or paper &c ) will perform like ...