Get Horizon S3pro. for best sharpness at fstop16, let the lens be replaced by a horizon 202one. This was discussed back and forth. I had an pbasesite to prove it. i will no revive it.
KMZ replaced the sharp 202-lens. I dont know why. The problems with 202 were certainly not related to the lens.
if you enlarge 30x or uise a loupe and check details at 5m you will see the difference.
elsewhere-i think its rangefinderforum we also discussing back and forth ideas how to increase DOF by changing film-lens distance.

If foregorund is not sharp enough(razorsharp) you will never see how unsharp the lens is at fstop 16.
sharpness is normally good at fstop 5.6/8 , 11, 16(but not in s3pro)

Horizont/Horizon-guru rainer k-lampinen said they had made 6m prints. he created technopan, 20 years ago the model with all 8 exposures times(no gap).
if you want to shoot seriously you need the quick 1/30-for indoor-shots of people. and a method to have enough DOF when shooting at 5.6 or 5.6/8. see above. forget shooting below 5.6/8. images are soft.