I've got an Arca Swiss Monoball P0 on my Vanguard 283ct (equivalent of the manfrotto 055cxpro3, but the centre tube can be tilted to any angle, not just 90 on the manfrotto).
Anyway, the head. It's an upside-down ballhead with a panning system on the top, not the bottom like most ballheads. So that means you set it up level, pan around, and it stays level. Good for panning, but good for easy framing too. Just one locking ring to loosen the entire ball, easy with one hand on the ball and the other hand on the camera to frame. As with almost all ballheads these days, it's aspherical so it's hard to tip over the more off-centre it gets. The head itself is 280g/10oz,and holds 20kg (I've held my hasselbladski, a 2x converter, and a Sonnar 300mm f/4 with no wobbling with that combo).
$220 is up to you to decide if it's cheap or not. But it's damn light. Just a quick check of similarly-priced manfrottos, they're all over 400-600g, 2x-3x the weight of this one.
Just make sure, if you already have A/S clamps on your cameras and lenses, do not get the monoball p0 with the clamp, it doens't fit regular A/S style clamps, I had to buy a Kirk clamp to sit on top of the head.