Ideally, a lower-contrast paper but it's not made any more so you'd be hunting down ancient expired stocks of Portra Endura. It might be OK but it's probably colour-shifted or fogged by now and likely to cause you frustration. The aging damage to negative film can largely be repaired in printing, but the aging of paper cannot.

Start with lower contrast films (Portra 160NC if you can find expired frozen stocks, otherwise Portra 160 or Fuji 160S), try exposing your film at about +3 or +4 stops overexposure to get a lower-contrast pastel look and then have a look at SLIMT for contrast reduction while processing the paper. If you're developing your own C41, you can also reduce the development time there. Affects the colours a little but it does reduce contrast, same as it would with pulling a B&W film.

You can also do (partial) bleach bypass in the negative or the paper to get a high contrast, low saturation look.