My C3 and C33 were stolen back in the early 1980's. and I thought I'd never use a TLR again after getting two 645 cameras again mamiyas. The C33/C3 were great work-horses but heavy However after buying a Yashicamat 124 on a whim from someone on this forum about 6 years ago I've fallen back in love with them and now have 4.

I had a Rolleiflex 3.5E2 that had sat in storage for over 20 years, it was mint but malfunctioned due to lack of use, so I had that CLA'd to use in the UK, the Yashicamat stays in Turkey. More recently I picked up a n MPP Microcord - a British made Rolleicord III with a Ross Xpres lens, and a bargain priced Automat with an Opton Tessar at a flea market - this is now my main user TLR in the UK.

I haven't realy used 35mm for over a decade and mainly shoot LF anyway. The TLR's though seem to suit my way of working. We all have our own preferences and I love using them.

To me the TLR's I now own are quite light and easy to carry but offer excellent image quality and easy of use, I've found I really like the square format, which I compose and shoot to fit. 12 exposures per film isn't an issue, working with LF as well teaches you discipline and that transfers down to smaller formats. I like the back to front image on the ground glass screen, I find it helps composition.

As others suggest it's worth borrowing one to try, that's what I did over 40 years ago