Tele-Rolleis are easy to find, and while they're more expensive than a standard Rollei, they're not THAT much more (if a regular Rollei is $800-$1000, a Tele can be found for $1200-$1800). Rollei-Wides, on the other hand, are far more rare, and far more expensive (try $3K for a beater). The Wide also takes a Bayonet IV filter and accessories. Those are extremely rare and expensive. Another vice of the Tele-Rolleis is that they are prone to lens separation - there are a LOT of them out there with obvious balsam degeneration. While it can be fixed, in theory, you're far better off saving your pennies and getting one that doesn't have any separation issues (unlike German Shepherds, where it may be unavoidable, you can't tell until you have the dog, and the rewards of ownership outweigh the issues).

The close focus on the original Tele-Rollei has been addressed with the modern Tele-Rollei - one of the recent ones will focus to something like 4 feet instead of 8, eliminating the need for Rolleinars for portraits. The current production ones, however, go for around $4500.