For sale are two JOBO processors in excellent condition:

1. JOBO CPE 2 - $550

This processing comes with red covers for both C41 and E6 processing. I have used this processor for the past 2 years and it works great. Temps are good and rotator motor works well. The processor is very clean (I drained it after each use) and has little or no staining.

2. JOBO TBE 2 - $250

This processor was my stand by using patterson tanks before I got the CPE 2. The temp is very accurate and it works extremely well. Also very clean, as I drained after each use.

3. JOBO 1504 BASE MAGNET for DRUM TANKS for CPE CPA CPP - $30 ea. (have three)

These attach to the base of drum tanks to connect to the magnet on the CPE 2. Works great.

All prices net to me, shipped from San Francisco.