After seeing Autochromes and museum paintings , I found that We are not good with colors and color photography. Colors appear to film with the luck of many things. Its rare and dim light photography with some old lenses like a Leitz and Kodachrome , there are breathtaking pictures. Old Leicas are expensive for me and there is no kodachrome after all.

How can we use oil or watercolors pallette at our photographs ?

First of all , I must explain what is coded lens or coded aperture and how someone creates a final Picture with them ?

If I am not wrong coded lens is a MIT invention and its a lens or aperture completed with many big rectangular or square pinholes. Its done for digital cameras first but possible to use with film also. The taken Picture on film is a blurred one and you scan it and with a diy computer program , computer extracts the final image from many images which one on one another. Reference is the coded aperture shape and computer extracts the final image from lens composition reference and scan.

Other thing I have to write about is multispectral imaging which satellites or telecopes uses different narrow band filters and took many same pictures with different filters and record an narrow band color and than make a composite with these pictures. Trick is to color each band with fake color and create a contrasting colored Picture and and viewer say wow or something scientifically meaningful comment.

I found that painting each pinhole with one painters paint and create a final image with coded lens is a way to use any antique pallette.
Its a interesting idea to me and programming is difficult part for me.

Mustafa Umut Sarac