I retired at the end of the year and must downsize my entire life. I have no room for my hobby of 45 years and must sell all of it.

  • Berkey Omega D5 Pro-Lab 4X5 with wall mount and top braces plus the usual lenses, neg carriers (including ANR glass carriers), easels, timers, etc....
  • Complete wet side outfit from film through Jobo Mistral 2
  • Complete outfits for Nikon F5 and F100 including some now hard-to-find accessories
  • Four lenses for the above cameras
  • Complete finishing gear including seal press, Logan mat cutter, and large stock of 30" 42" 4-ply museum white mat boards
  • Other miscellaneous detritus accumulated over the years.

Partial list of equipment is attached.

All of my gear is used but never abused and in excellent working order. I have photographs of all of it for those who have an interest.

I would like to sell it as a lot to either a practicing photographer or a reseller. If this proves unsuccessful I will break it up and sell the pieces through the usual outlets. Contact me with your interests.

Thank you,
David Clarkson
Sidney, Ohio