Here's a link to my ATL1000 processor running some C41 film. First, you should have your water line on. I use a pass thru photography thermometer to temper my water for the process and then close the two-way valve when running a process. You can see in the video that my water line is open. Since I am manually tempering my water with the thermometer I use the two-way valve to check the temp before programmed water rinses (I get a more accurate reading when the water isn't pressurized). When you select a process (C41, E6, B&W), make sure your water line is pressurized, the machine will automatically fill the basin with a water jacket around the drum. The drum starts turning bi-directionally right away and it is quite fast. At least two and a half revolutions before spinning the other way. Try what CatLabs suggested, but you may have an issue with your motor or the AC current that the machine is receiving.

If you fix the motor then I suggest running a full E6 6-Bath process with water to troubleshoot the rest of your machine. This way you can test if all the bottles are properly injecting all the water, if the bottles switch over, if times and buit-in tempering works, etc. The machine will not inject your first developer until it reaches the process temperature (in this case E6 needs to temper the water to 100F or 38C). There is a thermometer in the first bottle. It should take about 18min for a full bottle at room temp to come to 100F. If you find that it's been much longer and the machine hasn't injected yet then you need to hit the heater reset switch under the main panel that CatLab suggests.

Catlabs specialize in Jobo processors and are a very good resource should you have any more questions. I'm glad they're around. I have bought much of my accessory equipment from them via their eBay store.