Up to 27. Please check that your name appears if you have signed up. You may also see something new "ALL" - this was just a test. Thanks to Ruediger, we now have a new option implemented in record time. For those who haven't notice the other thread ALL will give you the total list to send to but you will only receive the MAX. The MAX is limited to how many "pairs" can be worked out - usually a few less than the total list.

anikin (20)
bluejeh (ALL)
bluejeh2 (MAX)
BoxBrownie (MAX)
ChristopherCoy (MAX)
djhopscotch (30)
drpsilver (MAX)
George Nova Scotia (MAX)
gleaf (20)
JimO (MAX)
kraker (10)
Lauris (20)
Mardan (20)
MattKing (24)
mesantacruz (20)
Mike Wilde (30)
mooseontheloose (MAX)
ndrs (45)
Oxleyroad (30)
ozphoto (25)
Peter Schrager (20)
piu58 (46)
redrockcoulee (20)
rince (MAX)
Steelbar (30)
Stephen Frizza (MAX)
Trond (MAX)