We are just about there. Friday is the start of the Gathering. I hope you are looking forward to it as much as we are. It helps to know how many are coming and when. We tell the Saturday night restaurant and the Sunday morning brunch location so the can bring in an extra person or two to give better service.

Friday we will welcome you any time after 5 PM. Please let me know when you will be coming in and who is camping. We will order in pizza so we can talk, people with long drives can come when they can get here and we can decide who wants to shoot where in the morning. Bring your work to show.

For the rocks and roots people we have the Cuyahoga Valley National Park starting two miles from the house. I will have maps for you.

For history buffs we have the Ohio Farm Museum 1.4 miles away.

For those interested in the Cleveland Flats I will have maps to help you find your way in and out. I suggest that it is safest to shoot with a partner there.

Who is coming and when?