Newspapers are in decline, but it is not all solely to do with the quality of photography. It has to do with traditional print advertising falling and which will continue to fall, affecting revenue and thus the future of newspapers as we know it.

In our house we do not read newspapers in their print form, but on the web, in the electronic form. As circulation drops away, it will at some point in the future not be economical or sensible to continue print production and everything will shift to the web. Makes sense: less consumables, less ink, less waste of print chemicals into the environment.

Might be a UK-centric thing; photographs in papers in Australia can still rouse the spirit and many of the photographers have been in the game a long, long time. It's the amateurs with their flash-in-the-pan digitals submitting what they think to be "today's best catch" that often defiles the quality of well established (in terms of image quality) benchmarks for traditional newspapers. Fortunately editors know a fail when they see it.