So I've only just gotten into rangefinders, and I could do with some advice with how to expand the kit. It's been a few weeks since my last lens purchase and my GAS is making me itchy...

I started with the Bessa L and 21mm Skopar, it's a great hiking kit and I'm not going to change it.
I've started getting interested more in street lately, so I've picked up an R3A and Canon 135/3.5, specifically to get the reach and stealth-factor, it's the smallest and longest combo I've got (my 70-300L on my EOS 3 and 300/4 on P6 don't quite count as 'stealthy').
So between those two, I'm looking to fill out the kit, but specifically to fill a niche that i can't cover with my SLRs.

90: I was very much considering the 'thin' Leica 90/2.8 Tele Elmarit, good combo of size, speed, and price. I'll never afford a 90/2.0 (it's too big anyway), and the 90/3.5 lanthar and 90/4 elmar are just too slow. I do have the 85/1.8 and 100/2.0 on EOS 3, so the main reason to get in this length is size and weight for portability, hence the thin tele-elmarit.

75: I'll never afford a 1.4 Summilux. But the 75/2.5 color heliar is tempting too, small and slightly fast, and it's certainly a length i don't have, even if it's an odd one.

50-55mm: I don't see much point in getting an RF in this length, between my Takumar 50/1.4, FL55/1.2, OM 50 Macro, EF 50/1.8, Helios 44M 50/2 (and i've probably forgotten one or two), mounted on my EOS 3, I've got as fast and light as I need, f/1.1 and faster RF lenses are too expensive and unless they're ultra-sharp wide open or have amazing bokeh, they won't beat my FL and Takumar. And nothing's very cheap in this length, even a Jupiter 3 50/1.5 I saw go for $180 the other day.

40mm: I do have the EF 40/2.8, on my EOS 3 with they eye-control it's a great 'street' lens, fast focussing, small/light enough to fit in a pocket, and great IQ. So the only reason to get a 40 would be speed, the 40/2 cron/rokkor is a bit too close to the shorty mcforty's 2.8, but the 40/1.4 CV looks nice.

35mm: May just be a bit wide for my R3A finder, but I can just loosely-frame and have more room to crop. My RokiBowYang 35/1.4 has great IQ (even if a bit low contrast wide open, razor sharp f/2 onwards). But it's *huuuge*. The Takumar 35/3.5 (technically it's my mum's on loan) is great stopped down, but not very fast, and still big compared to RF sized lenses. So a fast'ish prime here makes sense, if it were tiny and cheap. Even a 2 or 2.8 in a very small size, to complement the 21mm for landscape hiking.

28mm: I've got enough 28/2.8s for SLR, and while the CV 28/1.9 looks promising, it's wider than my R3A viewfinder and I don't need *another* body just yet...

So, where to go? Compact tele 'thin' tele-elmarit? Weird focal length 75/2.5 Heliar? Or fast and wide 35/1.4 or 40/1.4, or compact 35/2-2.8?
Anyone with experience in any one of those have a few experiences to share?
Especially on the IQ of the new CV lenses, for each lens I can find at least one absolute love review, and one absolute hate review. Sharing samples would be even better
Or any others that I may have forgotten and/or don't know about, options to add to the list?
(Zeiss ZM and newer Leicas are pretty much out on price, it's down to older L39 and the first M Leicas, Soviets, and CVs. L39 Canons and Nikons are OK, but they tend to be pricier in bad condition, if I see a bargain I'll grab it though)