Once again a nice pile of cards have accrued, now I take the time to address them:

Bluejeh – Through the Window A nice abstraction that uses the window frame to delineate the crazy distortions seen from the area of the panes. Discordant image shapes surround the window that enhance the random feelings you get from the windows distorted contents. Grain too, lots of it, but not excessive, which works well here to pair with the other distortions already being well exploited.

Bluejeh2 – Angel at Westminster. A nice low key image, framed in by snatches of higher contrast information in the upper corners. Great sharpness, as a 4x5 can ably deliver in the right hands. I quite like the obviously detailed attempt at image capture, and subsequent printing to deliver a great symmetrical image.

halsguitar – Welcome Home Mr. Contrast. A nice accident, I would say. One of the surprises you get after really looking at the negs, and finding something neat in them that you could not have reasonably foreseen when you captured the initial image. Nice brooding clouds, a tree ripe with static birds, and then this rocket of a bird come shooting in all a blur from image right. It is quite nice. It works well in a small print, where your eye flits around to take in all of the details.

mjs – Man with his horse. Nice framing. It is not often that out of focus dominant foreground image element work well, but it does in this image. The slightly fuzzy horse’ nose does not detract from the image, but instead emphasizes the relationship to the tack sharp image element of the man holding his reins. A good range of tones, with appropriate contrast; there are few areas off all white highlights, and no detail less shadows. Enough background detail to establish some context, but not enough to detract from the image as a whole.

rst – Louvre Detail. This is quite a nice abstraction. There are good sharp in focus areas, and nice out of focus background elements. Clean white clear areas. I enjoy how you have placed the various elements of the subject within the frame.