A deligtful kallitype landed in my mailbox on Saturday, from Ruediger.
That is ultra strange , because we do not get Saturday postal delivery.
I speculate it went to a neighbour, who dropped it off while we were out.

I like the framing of the baseball, snugged up to flower or weed, and with the way that the stiching is oriented.

Then there is the print itself. Nice contrast, and range of tones.

I am glad you documented it is a pinhole image, becuase I would have never guessed that at first or subsequent viewings.
I guess that is one more project to add ot the long and growing 'I have to try that someday' list.

I like how you have overcoated, and set the image within the larger part of the paper. The torn edges only enhance the hand made motif this image already has.

Another one to be framed and hung in the back hall. I think I will set this one out of direct sunlight though.
I am not sure of the archival nature of your toner, and I want to keep this image around for discussing for a good long time in top shape.