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I did an inventory of my camping gear, and packing it up tonight! According to my routing, I should be arriving between 2 and 3pm! And will be camping! I'm assuming there's some sort of grocery store nearby so I can get meat for meals on the day I cook (I'll be getting the non-perishable essentials en-route).

Really looking forward to this!
Are you still going to the Cleveland Museum show before you come out here? I may be out doing errands or mowing depending how things go at 2-3 PM. We plan to open at 5 PM, but if I am here I can show you where the tents go.

There are at least five grocery stores within 5-10 miles. The pizza Friday night, the dinner Saturday and brunch Sunday are purposefully inexpensive. You may find it pretty cheap just to come with us. Ask people you know like Mat.