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Hi Everyone :

Firstly on the 122 format we had made an error the film will be cut to 91.75mm ( the price will not change ).

Nothing has been left off the list. Whilst we appreciate some people would like FP4+ in the 127 and 122 we need to see how many we get just offering one film ( HP5+ ) if we do OK, then next year we will make it available in FP4+ as well.

120 Wrapper ( Backing paper ) is printed and finished ONLY to 120 size Sorry, it cannot be cut wider economically.

Simon. ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :
You said "the price hasn't changed" but I just called one of the distributors on the list "freestyle photographic supplies" and they said you haven't given them prices yet, is that correct?

If so I'm sorry if you already said that and I missed it but I wanted to know how much before I decide how many to order haha.


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