Selling a bunch of darkroom equipment.

All is in nice shape and ready to go.

Shipping is extra, Paypal or money order preferred. Thanks!

Arkay Stainless Steel 4x5 processing tank system ( 4 4x5 tanks, 3 floating lids, 1 4x5 hanger insert, 1 large water bath with cover that 3 tanks fit inside ) $180
4x5 Stainless Steel processing hangers (kodak and Carr, about 20 available) $1 ea.

Yankee cut and pack film Agitank ( for 12 4x5 film sheets and smaller cut film) $30

Morse G3 long roll film developer ( for 16mm and 35mm film ) $60

Coastar single stainless steel tank ( in box) $3
Nikkor single stainless steel tank with reel $7
Kinderman stainless steel single tank with 35mm reel $7
Kinderman stainless steel double tank with 35mm reels $10
Kinderman stainless steel quad tank with 2 35mm reels $14
Kindermann 120 reels (2) $10 ea
Kindermann 35mm loader ( in box) $3

Gralab model 168 timer $15

Unicolor motorized roller base $15
Beseler motorized roller base ( continuous and reversing motion) $25

Kleen Wash film washer $5
Wat Air roll film washer $10

Weston Thermometer $3

Ilford Contrast filters 3x3 - $5 set