Hi everyone,

I am new to these forums and medium format. The system that I decided to try is the Mamiya RZ67 because I am interested in the larger side of medium format. One of the lenses that I have purchased so far is the 50 ULD. I was able to find one in "new" condition from a 3rd party seller on amazon for what I think a reasonable price. Everything is fine with it except that I noticed one difference between this one and all of the pictures of this lens that I have seen online. The one that I have doesn't have the name "SEIKO" marked on the bottom of the lens barrel where the pictures show that it should be. Further, all of my other used RZ67 lenses say Seiko on the bottom. Does anyone else have a 50 ULD without the Seiko marking on the bottom? I know that this is probably nothing to worry about, but it keeps bothering me. I guess that when you spend this much on a single item, you don't want there to be anything unusual about it.

Also, if this is a production change, does it mean that Seiko is no longer making the shutters for the newer copies of the RZ67 lenses?

Thanks for any info!