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You... can't... be... serious.

I loved my Holga, and I cherish my Certo Phot, and I'd seriously hurt anyone who tried to take my Brownie Hawkeyes - especially the one with the flipped lens.

I know you, because I was you. You spout off information that you've gained from listening to someone else, and you're so focused on the technical aspects that you can't appreciate the art for what it is. And if anyone challenges your methods or equipment, you feel insulted and feel the need to defend it to the inth degree - which then leads to highly toxic threads and conversations, and that's not productive for anyone.

I've given up my need for technically perfect gear and images, and what I've found is that my creativity has begun to flow freely again. When talking about instant photography, a friend once told me that "embracing the imperfections is part of the fun of instant photography." That resonated with me greatly, and today I always try to remember that no matter what I'm shooting.

You prefer your $50 El Nikkor 2.8N - we get it. Can you please move on to something more productive?